Sunday, March 3, 2013


Here is what I've been up to the last six months!  September...
 I started taking an adult jazz/hip hop dance class at the Dance Company. It's super fun even tho I'm not very coordinated!!  I went to Seattle end of September with Foxxy.  Her parents live there and this was the last time she could travel because she was pregnant with twins!

 I can't wait to move back to Washington someday!! It's my favorite place!!
I was having some issues with the gum wall! To short!
 Creatures on a walk
Ferry boats and ferris wheels! My favorite things!

 Scariest trail I've every been on! It was an arachnophobia nightmare! I barely made it out alive! They were huge!

 I love sail boats!!!!
My niece turned 5!!

October is always a fun month!  Britt and I went to frighmares!!

 And she got married and moved to Denver ;(

 We hung snowflakes at work. They are all made out of maps of course!! We do it every year!
My brother in law, Ron, ran his first marathon! 

November = food!! 
 Deep fried turkey!  First time I've ever seen it done live and it was awesome and tasted amazing!
 December came and I bought a purple charlie brown tree for my tiny house!!
 Foxxy painted my face for the Winter showcase, I was a helper!

 Temple square with these crazy cats!!

Mya got new dance clothes for Christmas and she also turned 3 a few days after!
 After she blew out her candles she fell asleep on grammie!
 January= California
 Hiking with my nieces!
 Lots of family fun! It was for Masons Baptism!

 Deven has been taking good care of my twin avocado plants for me.  I sent them to boarding school at their house in hopes that it would survive the winter.  Sadly stella and dawson are not doing very well!

 IT'S TWIN TIME!!  5 weeks early!! Waiting for them to come out!!
 Baby Kaiser and Trygg are here both over 4lbs and heathly
 MARCH!! THE BEST MONTH!  Griffin turned 1 on the first and I turned 32 on the second!

My little big Lewis sisters were here on my bday for a little while! Super fun!

Thursday, August 23, 2012


One of my friends is a photographer and she decided to do creative girls nights once a month.  This was her second month and the theme was painted! It was super fun but scrubbing all the paint off after took forever! Lol! (red latex paint on my lips) (Lockbox Studios Somer Photography)
Makeup Artist: Do you wear much make up?
Me: No, just mascara.
Makeup Artist: Then you might feel like a hooker tonight.
Me: I only feel like a hooker when my eye brows are painted because mine are really light.
Makeup Artist looks at me: Yep, we have to paint your eyebrows!
The next photos are unedited.
(pole arms...)

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Just another brief reunion with my buddy, Joshua Radin! Here a a couple fun facts of the night:
 1. The first thing he said to me was that he does not like my current hair color.  His exact words were, "Your hair's different?! It's blonde on the ends! (i'm trying out the whole melting thing that is currently popular) It's just not the same Rosie I fell in love with!"! I found it quite amusing that that was the first thing he noticed.  I was tempted to say, "Well, that's not the only thing that's changed! I had a breast reduction a year ago today actually!" But I did not. Apparently he is not a boob man! haha!
 2. I'm not really sure what was going on but I think he was taking a picture with one of my friends when he stopped and came back over to me gave me another huge hug and kissed my cheek.  It was sweet.  All my friends freaked out at that point.  I just smiled. I probably should have grabbed him and kissed him on the lips! :)
 3. Um... we are pretty darn adorable!
 4.  This is the Security guard, Justin! We added him to our collection of boys!
 5.  Best gal pals ever!! Love them!
6. Hmm, I have to drive to Yellowstone in 2 hours! Oh well, YOLO!! (you only live once)!